UWP and Xbox Dev Mode Announced at Build 2016

Build 2016

Microsoft’s 2016 Build Development Conference is taking place in San Francisco this week and shedding light on key plans for Xbox One and Windows 10. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer discussed the two main topics including Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Xbox Dev Mode.

Spencer discussed that Windows 10 UWP is a completely open platform for developers to work their magic on. UWP allows multiple methods for developers to deliver their Win32 games as well as their UWP titles. The Windows Store is just the beginning of what is available to developers when it comes to distribution. Microsoft is calling it open distribution allowing distribution in any store and from any deployment mechanism.

The benefit of UWP for consumers is the advantage that more games and apps are available on more devices and screens. This is the first step in something most consumers have been asking for because it allows a broader access to games.

Ashley Speicher, a Software Engineering Lead for Xbox then took the stage with Spencer and introduced Xbox Dev Mode. Developers will now have the help of Xbox Dev Mode to create games or apps for Xbox One. Developers can now preview Xbox Dev Mode if they are curious but it is recommended that only experienced developers attempt to preview it. The Xbox Dev Mode app could be found in the Xbox Store and will officially be released with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer.

The other big news is that along with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Store and the Xbox Store will be combined into a single store to allow more efficiency. Cortana will also be appearing on Xbox One after the Anniversary Update along with Background Music.

With the new additions announced at the Build 2016, things are looking up for Microsoft with its Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Source: Xbox Wire

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